Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Celtic Cross tarot spread is one of the most well-known and well-used Tarot spreads.  From relationship issues to money concerns, this is one of those tarot card spreads that's an excellent choice if you want to take a closer look at a pressing problem. 

While the Celtic Cross tarot spread may not be the easiest to master, it is a great way to start seeing how the cards relate to each other.  Once you start to see the interplay between tarot cards, it makes interpreting tarot card spreads that much easier!

Like most things Tarot, the Celtic cross tarot spread seems fairly mysterious in origin, but most likely originated during the later 1800's.  There are quite a few different variations of tarot card spreads entitled Celtic Cross - this is the one Miss L started learning tarot cards with. 

For the Celtic Cross tarot spread, you'll need to select a significator.  For more information on what a significator is and how to choose one, check out the Tarot Glossary page.

Reading the Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross layout is comprised of 11 cards in total including  the significator (which is chosen ahead of shuffling for the reading).  For the sake of simplicity, I've numbered the significator as the first card.  The cards are meant to be read in order of number. For an image on how the layout should look, click here: Celtic Cross layout #1 Card:  The Significator

#2 Card:  The Issue

The general overview of the issue at hand.  

#3 Card:  What Crosses You

The forces that will help or hinder you.

#4 Card:  Your Unconscious Desires

The hidden beliefs or attitudes you have regarding this issue.

#5 Card:  The Basis 

These are the past events which have formed the basis for this issue.

#6 Card:  The Near Past

This refers to influences that are now passing away that have affected this situation.

#7 Card:  The Near Future

The new influences, people and upcoming events are ruled by this card.

#8 Card:  Yourself

The current state of affairs as you see them. This is a very subjective card because it is dependent on your perception.

#9 Card:  Your Environment

The environment that surrounds you, including your friends and family and their role in this issue.  Unhelpful influence will appear here as well as some indication to how you are perceived by those around you.

#10 Card:  Your Hopes and Fear

These are your hidden beliefs that may affect the outcome of the situation.  Any doubts or secret wishes that you may not even have acknowledged to yourself.

#11 Card:  The Likely Outcome

This card will give you the most likely outcome to your question and reveal how you may benefit.  If the card in this position seems to indicate a person rather than a solid answer, a second Celtic Cross tarot spread can be done using this card as the significator.  The second layout will reveal what role this person will have on your original question.

Remember that with the Celtic Cross tarot spread, as with as the tarot card spreads, the tarot card meanings are influenced by the neighbouring cards.  Be flexible when you're interpreting this tarot card spread and find the rhythm between the big picture and the fine details.

If you're ready to throw up your hands because the interpretation is driving you a little batty, take a deep breath and a second look.  Now, if you'd like a second opinion on your Celtic Cross tarot spread, I do offer that service.  If you are interested in purchasing a Second Opinion, check out the Tarot Card Interpretation page for all the pertinent details.

The Celtic Cross tarot spread is an old favourite of mine and definitely worth the potential frustration in learning it.  Trust me, once you go through it 7-8 times, it'll start to feel less like a clunky tarot card spread and more like a trusted friend!

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