Tarot Card Bags

Tarot card bags are definitely a more convenient way to store tarot cards. Even if you're meticulous with the tarot card box your deck came with, over time wear and tear will break it down.

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If you're someone who likes to have a tarot card deck on hand at all times, a bag is a better bet. If you're ready to buy tarot cards, considered getting a bag at the same time.

Why? A good bag will have a drawstring at the top, preventing ill-timed migration of tarot cards. Translation: tarot card boxes have a tendancy to open in transit.

That leaves you with, best case scenario, loose tarot cards. Worse case scenario: loose tarot cards that have become dirty, creased, or (gasp) bent! If you want to keep your tarot cards secure, think outside the box and look at a bag.

Things to look for...

  • Check the dimension of the bag to make sure your deck will fit. This is especially important if you have an over or under sized deck or different shaped cards from the standard rectangle.
  • Pay attention to the pattern on the bag, as well as the colour and fabric. Different fabrics will offer greater protection and durability in your tarot card bags; velvet or satin are pretty standard choices. The pattern is for you so pick whichever appeals to you most!
  • Drawstring!!! Having used bags with a tie and others with a drawstring (and unfortunately, some with just a flap), there is no contest. The drawstring reigns supreme!

Here's a selection of tarot card bags with some interesting tarot symbols in a variety of good fabrics. Remember to go with your first instinct!

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