Want to learn Tarot cards?

Then it's time to get started! We have everything you need to connect with Tarot cards, understand their symbolism, and start reading.

Have you always been curious about what Tarot is, and how to use it?  Maybe you just bought a new deck and don't know where to start?  Need more card meanings or sample spreads? Or maybe you're looking to buy a tarot deck, and aren't sure which ones are the best.

We have the answers you need!

Tarot is an easy-to-use tool that can help you to better understand yourself and others, figure out what you want in life, and identify the steps you need to take to get it.  It's the inspiration for transformation that comes in a small box.

We've taken our 20+ years of professional Tarot experience to create a resource to get you reading better and faster.  

Want a Tarot card reading?  Or a Second Opinion on a previous reading?  We offer great readings at competitive prices!

Whether you want to become a better Tarot reader, learn more about the meaning of each tarot card, discover some new layouts, get an awesome reading for yourself, or just want to explore something different, this is your guide!


Okay, so where do I start?

If you don't yet have a card deck, have a look through best Tarot cards and the buy Tarot cards pages for some suggestions of great Tarot decks to start with.

Looking for some accessories?  Whether you want a basic companion guide, or a more advanced book, the Tarot books page reviews some classics and new favourites.  A Tarot bag is a handy and convenient way to store your cards; if you want your Tarot deck to travel with you, definitely get one.

If you're interested in Tarot meanings, you can browse through by suites: 

Feel pretty knowledgeable in terms of meanings?  How about looking for some tarot spreads? Or FREE printable cards

I really want a Tarot reading!

We offer a few different options for Tarot readings.  

If you have a question or questions that you'd like some clarification on, choosing a standard Tarot reading is your best choice.  You can pick a reading based on a current issue, or select something general for an overview of many areas of your life.

Do you have an existing card reading that you can't figure out, or would like another interpretation of?  This could be from an automated Tarot service, another Tarot reader, or even a reading you tried to do for yourself.  

As long as you have either a picture of your reading, or have written down the cards and positions, a Second Opinion reading is an economical choice.

We also offer a comprehensive review that lists many FREE automated Tarot readings.  If your time or money is limited, these can be a quick way to examine an issue.  

Are they as good as a personal card reading?  Nope, but they'll do in a pinch.  Remember, you'll have to do your own Tarot interpretation (or buy a Second Opinion of your reading).

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