Tarot Spreads

Tarot spreads are the other half of reading tarot cards.  What is a tarot spread?  Referred to as either spreads or layouts, they are patterns that tarot cards are dealt in to.  Each position in the pattern has a specific meaning; so if you have a Tarot card that means balance, the tarot spread might look at balance as it pertains to the influences affecting your romantic relationship.

For me, Tarot spreads act like a lens, filtering a general meaning into something more specific, relatable, and useful.  This is how Tarot cards can be successful used to interpret a range of situations.

There are a huge variety of tarot spreads available, for every sort of experience and expectation.  It's important to match your choice in Tarot spreads to your ability and question.  Something too involved could overwhelm a simple question, but it can be equally frustration expecting two cards to accurate sort out a complex issue.

Tarot spreads can be as simple as one card, or can use the better part of a tarot card deck.  When you choose a tarot spread, think about:

  • Time available
  • Question being asked
  • Familiarity with tarot cards
  • The depth you want to explore the issue

Still learning tarot card meanings?  Pick something quick and easy.  Working through a lot of short, little readings can be a great tool to understand the meaning of tarot card faster.

Feeling bored with the cards?  Challenge yourself!  Something like the 6 Month Special could be just what the doctor ordered.

If you're really new to Tarot cards and want to make things simpler, try reading a Tarot spreads using just the 22 cards of the Major Arcana.  Fewer tarot card meanings allows you to spend more time focusing on interpreting your layout properly.

Pick a Spread

6 Month Special tarot card spread

6 Month Special Tarot spread

One Card Draw Tarot spread

Classic Horseshoe Tarot spread

Love Horseshoe Tarot spread

Work Horseshoe Tarot spread

Celtic Cross Tarot spread

Zodiac Tarot spread

Seven Stars Tarot spread

Four Card Tarot spread

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