Love Horseshoe Tarot Layouts

The Love Horseshoe tarot layouts are the same set up as the Classic Horseshoe tarot card layout, the only difference being the focus of this tarot card spread.  The  Love Horseshoe tarot layouts are fun, quick and best of all, easy for a beginner to work with.  It's not too long or too involved so it's easy when you're starting out.  

It's also helpful to have a few more cards in a Tarot layout to start trying to see the relationships between cards.  Shuffle and cut the Tarot deck while concentrating on your question, then lay out 7 cards sequentially in a horseshoe (semi circle).  When you're ready, look at each card individually, then start to look at the Love Horseshoe Tarot Layout to see the whole picture.

Card 1:  The Past

This card shows the foundation and past influences of the relationship, the basis for the question.

Card 2:  The Present

This is how the questioner perceives their relationship currently.  This card can be pretty one-sided as it represents how someone views their partner; it's not an accurate representation of reality.

Card 3:  Hopes, Fears and Expectations

This card covers the hopes of dreams of the questioner and all the things they want from their partner.  Learning about these hopes can reveal hidden patterns of behaviour influencing the relationship.

Card 4:  Areas of Conflict

These can refer to emotional or mental issues in the relationship in addition to other sources of conflict like family, career, money and religion.

Card 5:  Outside Influences

These are the external influences that are influencing the relationship.  Former relationships or marriages, in-laws, children, friends or co-workers can all play a role in affecting the relationship.

Card 6:  The Best Course of Action

This is the best course of action currently recommended

Card 7:  Probable Outcome

This is the likely future direction of this relationship if the course of action recommended by the 6th card is followed.

With this tarot card spread, you may, on occasion, need to toss in an extra card on a position to clarify the tarot card meaning.

If after trying to interpret the Tarot card and not really getting the message, it's perfectly okay to shuffle and draw another Tarot card.  With the second card, you should get an expanded meaning of the Tarot card and be able to get a better interpretation.

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