Tarot Card Reading Instructions


An important part of Tarot card reading instructions is interpreting the tarot cards. There are two parts to interpreting a Tarot spread, the first involving the

meanings of each tarot card while the second involves using your intuition and looking at the Tarot spread as whole. I can suggest how to interpret in Tarot card reading instructions but the best way of learning is by doing.

You've dealt the Tarot spread and it's lying in front of you, ready to pass along some information. What do you do? First, take a look at the entire spread. What does that mean? Forget about positions and the spread itself for a minute and look at the cards. Pay attention to what cards lie beside each other, whether there are Major Arcana cards and how many, whether there are a groups of the same number or suit.

Friends influence each other. Think of cards lying beside each other as friends, either good or bad. If you have two cards with similar meanings beside each other, then their influence is magnified. Similarly, if you have a more positive card beside a negative card, the negative influence can be minimized. Use your intuition and the appearance of the entire spread to decide whether cards have a positive or negative influence on each other.

Major Arcana = Major Impact! It's generally agreed that the presence of Major Arcana cards in a reading indicate an important matter with strong influences. Look at how many Major Arcana cards turn up and what their placement reveals. Many times these card will indicate an overall theme in the reading.

Watch for the Right Suit! Generally speaking, each suit rules a specific area.

  • Cups = Emotions and romance
  • Coins = Finances
  • Swords = Thoughts and Education
  • Wands = Spiritual issues

Sometimes you will see clusters of cards that will indicate the theme of the question. Try to use this as a guideline only and not to pigeon-hole meanings. Also, if there are equal numbers of Coins and Cups, is it a love issue, a money issue or both? Perhaps it's an issue where the querent is stressed by their lover's state of finances. This is another opportunity to flex your intuitive muscles.

The meanings of each Tarot card is a starting point to interpret a reading. Your perspective and feelings are what will make a reading ordinary or extraordinary. Use this Tarot card reading instruction on interpreting as a starting point and remember that connecting to your intuition takes time.

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