Tarot Layouts

The Work Horseshoe

Based on the Classic Horseshoe , this is one of the basic Tarot layouts.  The Work Horseshoe is suitable for readers of all levels. 

Even though there aren't too many positions and meanings to remember, because this is an area focused layout (just like the Love Horseshoe  is specific to relationship questions) you get a brief but detailed response.  I've found a lot of valuable info comes through on readings like this.  

Be as specific as you can so this Tarot spread can give you what you need to know.

Shuffle and cut the the Tarot deck into 3 piles.  After you've picked the pile you want to read with, place 7 cards in a horseshoe (half circle) shape, in order that they're dealt. 

Before you start your Tarot reading, spend a moment looking at each card individually as well as the entire Tarot spread.  This is an important practice for a Tarot reader so you can see how one card  influences the others as well as familiarizing yourself with the general meanings.

Card 1:  The Past

This Tarot card will reveal past influences on this current issue.

Card 2:  The Present

This card may refer to actions or thoughts and feelings about this currently.

Card 3:  The Best

This card discusses the most positive aspects about this situation and may refer to hidden talents, skills, feeling of security or things needed to progress further.

Card 4:  The Worst

These are the real challenges to this situation.  It may be a state of mind, boredom, lack of self-confidence, wrong job, wrong company and so on.  If a fairly positive card appears in this position, you likely have already overcome the worst of the worst and there are few opposing factors left.

Card 5:  External Factors

Outside factors including lack of savings, economic downturns, workplace meanies, as well as training, new business ventures and new jobs. 

Card 6:  Best Course of Action

A general recommendation of what might work well.

Card 7:  The Likely Outcome

The most likely solution to your question, based on what was suggested by the 6th card. Like with other Tarot layouts, in the Work Horseshoe, there may be an issue with a card just not fitting where it falls.  

If you've tried and failed to make sense of it, concentrate on what you need to know and draw another card.  Use the second card alone or with the first to get a  better idea of the message you're being given. Use Tarot layouts like the Work Horseshoe and Celtic Cross to discover more about your work situation and what you need to be happy. 

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