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Some of the most common questions about Tarot cards centre around which are the best tarot books to learn from.  There are so many out there, it's very hard to pick and choose the best.  While the term 'best' is pretty subjective, ideally a tarot book should be accessible and inspirational: you want to learn new things and be motivated to keep working with your Tarot cards.

I've compiled a list of the books that I feel have a lot of value to Tarot card readers of most every level.  If you're a fellow Tarot reader and you think that I've left something essential off this Tarot book list, tell me and I'll include it.

Some of these aren't strictly about Tarot but include some gems about spirituality, symbolism and related subjects that I found helpful or gave me a kick of sweet mysticism that I sorely needed.  If you're looking to buy tarot cards, I've created a list of best tarot cards too.

Mary K. Greer is a much respected Tarot author who has spent the greater part of her life immersed in Tarot lore, creating wonderful books.  The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals is an excellent resource for delving deeper into the cards.

The Tarot Set: Illustrated Book of Tarot is a wonderful reference for those who are looking for a Tarot book that is jammed full of visuals.  Written in clear prose, this is an informative book for aspiring Tarot card readers.

I dig Ted Andrew's Animal Speak.  It's such an awesome reference  for learning the symbolism of creatures great and small. Looking at the animals in the Tarot cards (and the rest of your life) with this book will help you understand and appreciate critters on so many levels.  If you love animals, you'll love Animal Speak.

Shadowscapes Tarot is not strictly a book but is a set that includes a set of Tarot cards as well. I wanted to mention it because the book included is a meaty little resource.  Beautiful cards and thorough book - in a Tarot card set, it is a rare combination!

One of those modern classics for your Tarot library, Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom explores Tarot from a psychological perspective, with rich descriptions and plenty of methods to use your Tarot cards to delve into every day problems.

While I don't agree one hundred percent with the title, this IS a great Tarot card resource and definitely a book that'll give you a pretty solid foundation with the cards.

If you're interested in approaching Tarot cards from a symbolic or psychological perspective, this is a luscious resource that highlights so many aspects of Tarot's rich symbols.  A great resource!

If you feel a little bogged down by all the detail but are itching to master your Tarot cards, this is solid book that presents how to read Tarot both intuitively and traditionally.  It's been revised and updated in this edition and is still chock-full of information.

Not a book of Tarot meanings, Tarot For Yourself is a wonderful workbook that requires input from you.  Another great resource by Mary Greer to develop and build a personal relationship with Tarot cards, this a fabulous Tarot tool if you're looking to explore the cards on an individual level.

Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot is a detailed Tarot book that dives deeply into the history and symbolism of this rich and powerful deck.  One of the most celebrated Tarot card decks, the Thoth deck becomes very accessible with the help of this reference.

The Four-Fold Way is based on core elements of indigenous cultures world-wide to provide a system of learning and transformation.  If you want to really connect to some universal rhythms, this book is an excellent start.

Learning the Tarot is a friendly and accessible Tarot book that makes learning the cards easy and fun.  A great all-around reference with little filler, it is an excellent Tarot card book.

Rachel Pollack's Tarot Wisdom is a fitting follow-up to her previous masterwork, Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom.  A perfect book for those who want to discover and relearn their Tarot cards with detailed resources from both mystical and symbolic perspectives.

A good book to connect to and explore the Jungian archetypes that play such an important role in the modern Tarot card decks.

The Hero With A Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell is a passionate and enthusiastic look at archetypes across time and culture.  Interesting and provocative, this is a must-read book, for your life with and beyond Tarot cards.

Rob Brezny is a vagabond mystic dedicated to uncovering beauty and truth, no matter where it is secreted away in this tidy universe. Pronoia is the Antidote to Paranoia is a juicy and passionate kiss of inspiration that you need to experience firsthand.  Very highly recommended!

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