Facade: free automated tarot card readings

Facade is one of those Internet institutions that has seemed to be around forever.  In addition to its free automated tarot card readings, Facade also offers free readings with biorhythms, runes, I Ching, bibliomancy, stichomancy, and more.  

With twenty different tarot card decks to choose from and over ten tarot spreads to use, there's a lot of variation possible for readings.

I want to like the Facade site more than I do.  There's so much time and effort invested in what's offered and I think that it's incredible that so much is free.

If you're comfortable with or willing to improve your interpretation skills, Facade is great.  If you're looking for something to interpret card placement for you, Facade offers more of a whimper than a bang.  

That being said, it's not hard to spend quite a bit of time on the site, browsing through all the different options.  If you're in the market for a new tarot card deck and want to virtually play with some of the best known ones, you need to pay Facade a visit.  Again, I really want to like Facade more but it just feels (and reads) a little clunky to me.  

Have you been to the Facade site (or another automated tarot card reading site) and want to give a review?  Had a great reading or maybe a not so good one and want to tell others?  Submit an free automated tarot card reading review below! 

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