Four of Swords

To gain a more complete understanding of the Four of Swords, an overview of the suit and number is provided first.

Overview of the Swords

Aliases: In English, this is the most common.

Element: Air

Zodiac: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Playing Card Suit: Spades

Class:  Nobility/Militia

Rules: The Mind or Will

The Swords control the mind or will. When Miss L refer to these qualities, it means that the meaning of each Tarot card in this suit can focus on intellectual questions or issues related to power. 

If you want to see all of the Tarot cards in the Swords suit, go to  The Swords.

The Swords is the Tarot suit that most people are uncomfortable with. 

Often connected to negative meanings, the Swords have been given a bad rap.

It's true when you're first learning the meaning of each Tarot card this suit, it seems more than an average number of Tarot cards are dark and brooding.

Just like a physical sword, the Swords have two edges. 

On the one hand, their energy can be destructive and hard to swallow - especially when it's your life that's being affected.

On the other side, they clear out the junk! 

Usually, they affect the clutter in your mental attics - the stuff you're not ready to get rid of but don't want to deal with either. 

When the Swords appear, they are using their strengths of courage, ideas and power to tell you it is time.

Deal with it and move on!

If you're just learning to read Tarot cards, remember that the position in the Tarot layout as well as the nearby Tarot cards

 should to guide you (in addition to the meanings for the Tarot cards). Work from the heart, listen to your gut and develop your intuition.

Don't fear the Swords. Like any medicine, working up the courage to open your mouth and swallow takes longer than it does for the bad taste to fade after.

Synopsis of the Fours

Four is a stable number that represents structure and rules. At first, its earthy nature seems a little boring.

After all, how many people get excited about rules?

What makes Four interesting is how you can use these rules to help make your dreams a reality.

Four is the number that reminds you of the practical parts of life, and helps you restructure what you want so you can have it.

Four teaches us to learn the rules so we can understand when to work with them and when to break them.

Self-discipline and structure can be boring or strengthening - the answer lies in your perspective.

Upright Tarot Meaning:

The Four of Swords often appears after a time of illness or anxiety and reminds you that we all need time to rest and recuperate.

 Sometimes this break is needed for you to accurately see all that you have accomplished; there is nothing like a little distance to gain perspective.

The Four of Swords is a message that you need to take a break; if you refuse to listen, your health may suffer for it. It can also suggest that a retreat or a withdrawal from modern appliances and their demands (turn off your cell phones everyone) is just what you need.                                   

Reversed Tarot Meaning:  

When the need for rest indicated by the Four of Swords is ignored, you arrived at the reversed position.

This is the time when illness or anxiety will result in health issues needing a long period for healing. There is no longer the option to choose to rest - the choice has been made for you.

Rather than worry about how this will affect you, accept that it is necessary and let your body, mind and spirit heal. Four of Swords reversed can also refer to a time of social isolation where old friends have lost contact; however this is not permanent and new friends will arrive soon. 

Tarot Card Keywords:

rest, relaxation, withdrawing mentally, need for peace and quiet, time for reassessment, small vacation, take it easy, enforced rest, physical issues, mental instability, limited pleasures, feeling isolated, nervous exhaustion.

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