Four of Wands

To gain a more complete understanding of the Four of Wands, an overview of the suit and number is provided first.

Overview of the Wands

Aliases: Sticks, Staves, Rods, Batons

Element: Fire

Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Playing Card Suit: Clubs

Class:  Peasantry

Rules: The Spirit

The Wands rule the spirit, especially issues of creativity and energy. 

By spirit, we mean that the meaning of each Tarot card in this suit may rule issues of a deep level, connected to drive, purpose or even faith.

Connected with the element of Fire, this suit rules the Zodiac Fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

If you want to see all of the Tarot cards in the Wands suit, visit The Wands.

The Wands is the Tarot suit most often connected with issues related to creativity, spirituality and energy.

When you read these Tarot cards, keep in mind that their Tarot definition can change in meaning. 

Tarot cards will be interpreted differently according to the cards around them in a Tarot spread.

When learning the definition of Tarot cards, look at the cards individually and as part of the Tarot layout. 

If you're just learning to read Tarot cards, use the position in the Tarot layout as well as the meanings to guide you.

And never forget to listen to your gut instinct, even if it means the changing the official definition slightly.

Synopsis of the Fours

Four is a stable number that represents structure and rules. At first, its earthy nature seems a little boring.

After all, how many people get excited about rules?

What makes Four interesting is how you can use these rules to help make your dreams a reality.

Four is the number that reminds you of the practical parts of life, and helps you restructure what you want so you can have it.

Four teaches us to learn the rules so we can understand when to work with them and when to break them.

Self-discipline and structure can be boring or strengthening - the answer lies in your perspective.

Upright Tarot Meaning: 

Creating a country home, complete with a bountiful harvest waiting to be collected is the perfect visual for the Four of Wands. 

This card is about the stability a home provides and the importance that having this security can bring to you.

When a home is signified by this card, it has been long awaited and will be a nurturing environment filled with love and hope.

The Four of Wands is about building a strong foundation for years of future successes and growth.                                             

Reversed Tarot Meaning:

Your dreams, especially in terms of having a home, may be placed aside for a little while.

It doesn't mean that this dream must be abandoned but rather that there is still some more work for this to be achieved.

When this card appears reversed, you may be in such a hurry to wrap things up, you don't realize how many loose ends you're leaving.

The Four of Wands reversed is offering you a brief rest, time to collect yourself before you move forward. 

While the impatient part of you is annoyed by this, enjoy it while it lasts.

Tarot Card Keywords:

success, manifesting dreams into reality, old contacts, working with the present to create the future, visionary, hard work, need for practical planning, unrealistic expectations, wanting a free ride.

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