King of Coins

To gain a more complete understanding of the King of Coins, an overview of the suit and symbol is provided first.

Overview of the Coins

Aliases: Pentacles

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Playing Card Suit: Diamonds

Class: Merchants

Rules: The Physical Realm (Wealth)

The Coins controls issues in the physical world. It is a very practical suit so the meaning of each Tarot card may focus on family, money, health and home. Connected with the element of Earth, this suit rules the Zodiac Earth signs of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

If you want to see all of the Tarot cards in the Coins suit in one place, visit The Coins.

The Coins is the Tarot suit most often connected with issues related to money and wealth. It's a material world, and the Coins wants to remind you that you are a material girl (or boy).

Practical and earthy, The Coins can also influence physical issues beyond finances.

Issues about work, particularly those relating to salary, promotions or benefits, will be affected by the clink of the Coins.

If it's related to security and sensuality (we're talking in the physical sense here) then you'll start to see the influence of the Coins.

When learning the meaning of each Tarot card in the Coins suit, remember that the other suits near to these cards, as well as the placement in the Tarot spread, will confirm, magnify, lessen, or alter their meaning.

Synopsis of the King

The King usually will refer to a man who has acquired both skill and wisdom, though not necessarily someone who is chronologically mature.

Let the personality of an individual, rather than their age, suggest the power of the King.  The King has taken the development of the Page, the courage and adventure of the Knight and continues to grow and prosper.

With the King, there is a strong sense of mastery, control and respect, especially to themselves. The King knows who he is, both good and bad, and understands that there is always room for improvement.  

The King can also refer to women with a more masculine personality; the King is a leader and guide and will often serve in that role in both business and home life.

Upright Tarot Card Meaning:

The King of Coins is a wealthy and practical man whose caution and sense of responsibility has made him successful in business.

His foresight and patience allow him to plan for most practicalities and probabilities; he is rarely caught off guard.

A loyal friend and lover, the King of Coins loves the finer things in life.<p>

Conservative and reliable, he prefers traditional environments and proven concepts.

He may be possessive but this is partly due to his needs for security and his big heart.

Reversed Tarot Card Meaning: 

The King of Coins is usually a boring stick-in-the-mud when reversed.

His stubbornness makes him a bully who won't consider anything he isn't familiar with.

Tight with money, his miserly behaviour could be seen as simply cheap.

His conservatism limits his business opportunities - unwilling to take any risks, big or small, good opportunities pass him by.<p>

Tarot Card Keywords:

wealth, responsibility, king of industry, patient, loyal, sensuous,love of luxury, possessive, steadfast, miser, cheap, bully, stubborn, jealousy, unwilling to take risks, financial increases, creation of a new business, large companies, insufficient monies, delays with grants and loans.

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