King of Cups

To gain a more complete understanding of the King of Cups, an overview of the suit and symbol is provided first.                

Overview of the Cups

Aliases: Chalices

Element: Water

Zodiac: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Playing Card Suit: Hearts

Class: Artists and Visionaries

Rules: The Heart

The Cups focus on emotions and matters of the heart. 

Tarot card meanings for the Cups suit tend to guide emotional questions of almost any nature.

Connected to the element of Water, this suit rules the Zodiac Water signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

If you want to see all of the Tarot cards in the Cups suit, visit The Cups.

The Cups is the Tarot suit long connected with any issues of emotion. Ruled by water, feelings can run high when this suit makes an appearance.

When looking at the meaning of each Tarot card in the Cups suit, make note of what other suits are present. If there are also a lot of Coins or Wands, this indicates what is actually happening. 

The presence of a number of Cups or Swords cards can suggest that this is more subjective, what the querent is feeling.

If you're just learning to read Tarot cards, use the position in the Tarot layout as well as the meanings to guide you. And never forget to listen to your gut instinct, even if it means the changing the official definition slightly.

Synopsis of the King

The King usually will refer to a man who has acquired both skill and wisdom, though not necessarily someone who is chronologically mature.

Let the personality of an individual, rather than their age, suggest the power of the King.  The King has taken the development of the Page, the courage and adventure of the Knight and continues to grow and prosper.

With the King, there is a strong sense of mastery, control and respect, especially to themselves. The King knows who he is, both good and bad, and understands that there is always room for improvement.  

The King can also refer to women with a more masculine personality; the King is a leader and guide and will often serve in that role in both business and home life.

Upright Tarot Card Meaning:  

The deeply emotional and creative King of Cups is the most feminine of all the Kings. Regardless of career area, he is one of a kind and tends to be ruled by hunches rather than logic. 

He can have an engaging personality but his intensity can make others uncomfortable (eg.= Tom Cruise).

When he has been slighted or insulted he never forgets and can be vengeful. 

His emotional openness can lead him to be exceptionally kind but also incredibly moody - it's a double edged sword.  The King of Cups is never dull!                                                                                                               

Reversed Tarot Card Meaning:

When this Tarot card is reversed, the King of Cups is transformed into someone who can't or won't deal with reality; drugs, alcohol and fantasies are used to forget.  Unable to fully express his feelings, he may go through life convinced that no-one can really understand or accept him.

While the King of Cups reversed can indicate a man who is unfaithful in love, he generally will also be someone who can't decide which partner he wants to be with.  Emotionally deep, there is the possibility that love will drown all parties. 

Tarot Card Keywords:

charismatic, charming, emotional, creative, intuitive, successful, moody, difficult to be around, unfaithful, anxious or depressed, hiding from reality, addiction, affairs, emotional overwhelmed, cultural activities, creative businesses, spiritual activities, secret societies.

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