King of Swords

To gain a more complete understanding of the King of Swords, an overview of the suit and number is provided first.

Overview of the Swords

Aliases: In English, this is the most common.

Element: Air

Zodiac: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Playing Card Suit: Spades

Class:  Nobility/Militia

Rules: The Mind or Will

The Swords control the mind or will. When Miss L refer to these qualities, it means that the meaning of each Tarot card in this suit can focus on intellectual questions or issues related to power. 

If you want to see all of the Tarot cards in the Swords suit, go to The Swords.

The Swords is the Tarot suit that most people are uncomfortable with. 

Often connected to negative meanings, the Swords have been given a bad rap. 

It's true when you're first learning the meaning of each Tarot card this suit, it seems more than an average number of Tarot cards are dark and brooding.

Just like a physical sword, the Swords have two edges. 

On the one hand, their energy can be destructive and hard to swallow - especially when it's your life that's being affected.

On the other side, they clear out the junk! 

Usually, they affect the clutter in your mental attics - 

the stuff you're not ready to get rid of but don't want to deal with either. 

When the Swords appear, they are using their strengths of courage, ideas and power to tell you it is time.

Deal with it and move on!

If you're just learning to read Tarot cards, remember that the position in the Tarot layout as well as the nearby Tarot cards should to guide you (in addition to the meanings for the Tarot cards). Work from the heart, listen to your gut and develop your intuition.

Don't fear the Swords. Like any medicine, working up the courage to open your mouth and swallow takes longer than it does for the bad taste to fade after.

Synopsis of the King

The King usually will refer to a man who has acquired both skill and wisdom, though not necessarily someone who is chronologically mature.

Let the personality of an individual, rather than their age, suggest the power of the King.  The King has taken the development of the Page, the courage and adventure of the Knight and continues to grow and prosper.  

With the King, there is a strong sense of mastery, control and respect, especially to themselves.The King knows who he is, both good and bad, and understands that there is always room for improvement.  

The King can also refer to women with a more masculine personality; the King is a leader and guide and will often serve in that role in both business and home life.

Upright Tarot Card Meaning:

The King of Swords is a expressive intellectual, whose combative nature can sometimes make every day a new struggle regardless of whether he is a lawyer, teacher or janitor. 

He is brave and intelligent, never hesitating to express his opinion; this is often seen (quite correctly) as aggressiveness.He is masterful against any enemy and his sharp mind can defend any attack. 

The King of Swords illustrates how a great mind when combined with successful energy can make anything happen.

His words and strength open all sorts of doors - the King of Swords appreciates a strong mind and mixes easily with anyone (he's no snob).

However, his strong nature sometimes will hamper his abilities to create change in society.

In relationships, the King of Swords can be a wonderful companion for great conversations; anything romantic is not his forte.

He is more likely to act from his head than his heart. His emotional distance can sometimes feel cold; he does love but deeply and very distantly.

Freedom is a huge priority for him so he will not take well to emotional limpets.

Reversed Tarot Card Meaning:

When the King of Swords is reversed, his charm has evapourated and the only thing that seems to be left is his biting tongue.

Unfair attacks seem to arise from nothing. He is critical of everyone and everything and makes no pain to hide it.

Like a lightning storm, these flashes of intense mood can devastate.

Unfortunately, it also affects every aspect of his life.

Professionally, he manages to isolate himself from co-workers and supervisors. 

For all his enterprise, very little can be accomplished as he alienates people.Still ambitious, ruthlessness achieves what his free-speech can't. Reversed, the King of Swords is arrogant and cold with others, even those he cares about.

Tarot Card Keywords:

intellectual, powerful, communicator, emotionally distant, great ideas,powerful, achiever, defender, authoritarian, rude, strong enemy,stormy moods, anger.

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