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Major Arcana:Death

The image of Death can be celebrated or feared depending on your culture or custom.  Viewed by some as a punishment and others are a natural part of life, Death (and the Grim Reaper) are symbols that have very strong reactions.  

Whether you see Death as a force to be fought against or as a marker of change, there is no denying that transformation and renewal are a part of Death.

Many modern Tarot decks have changed the name of the 13 card in the Major Arcana from Death to Transformation to make it less worrisome.  Whether you view Death as an ending or a time of change, there is still the pain of letting things go and the excitement of new opportunities.

Upright:  For people new to the Tarot, the Death card is the most misunderstood card in the Tarot deck.  While there are the elements of transformation and change associated with Death, it cannot be denied that changes are often uncomfortable and difficult to deal with.  Sometimes these changes can be delayed but not for ever.  An old and worn part of yourself needs to be cast away and you life will soon reflect this.  

The changes are usually large or will affect a number of areas of your life.  Make sure you allow yourself time to mourn what you have lost to make way for what will come.  Your new life will be starting sooner than later - enjoy these changes.  

If your loss is a relationship or friendship, remember that it is ending because it has filled its purpose in your life.  While it is sad that this chapter has ended, remember that a page is about to be turned and something new will arrive.

Reversed:  When the Death card is reversed, it reveals that this is a time when you are resisting change.  Your stubbornness is creating a stale environment around you, which drains your energy and slows you down.  When Death is reversed, life feels like it has lost its sparkle; you feel like you're living in perpetual deja vu.  Variety is the spice of life; trying to prevent it is just establishing a boring status quo.  

If there are other positive, energetic cards around it, Death reversed can mean that it is time to wait and see. Watch what's going on and bide your time.  Once you allow yourself to acknowledge that you are ready to move on, a new cycle will begin.

Meaning of Tarot Card Keywords:  change, transformation, ending of cycles, new beginnings, mourning, loss, renewal, boredom, lethargy, laziness, wait for new time, ready for change

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