Meaning of Each Tarot Card

Major Arcana:Justice

The picture on the Tarot card Justice usually depict a crowned woman seated on a throne, one hand holding a sword, the other a set of scales.  

It is very similar to the common modern depiction of Lady Justice, though nowadays, she tends to wear a blindfold.  In many cultures, Justice control not only the laws of man but also the laws of the universe.  The laws of karma and cause and effect were ruled with her hand, and rewards or punishments were handed out accordingly.

The card for Justice will often fall in the eight position in the Major Arcana, switching places with Strength.  Eight is traditionally a number associated with justice while 11 denotes luck arriving after hard work.  There is no agreement where these card should fall and often change between decks.  

Order and balance come with Justice as well as the idea of fair reward.  For those that have obeyed the golden rule and worked hard, they have nothing to fear. 

Upright:  The meaning of this Tarot card has much to do with decisions.  With Justice, sometimes we have to ability to make our own decisions while other times, we are waiting for forces greater than us to decide.  When this Tarot card appears in a spread, it is the time to make a list of all factors that will affect your decision.  This is a time for logic rather than emotion.

When the question is referring to legal matters, it can mean that you need some professional assistance in order to move things ahead.  Looking at the consequences of this decision should tell you of much help you need.  When Justice comes into your life as a person, it is someone likely to be connected to the legal profession or has the calm presence and logically thought needed to be a success in this field.

If you are currently in some sort of legal dispute, Justice indicates that things will go in you favour, as long as you are being fair.  If want you want is unnecessary or motivated by greed, then you will likely get far less than what you are hoping for.

Reversed:  When this Tarot card is reversed, any legalities or disputes will take longer to be finally resolved.  Delays, injustice and a general imbalance come to light when this card is reversed. Court dates will get moved, legal fees will climb and it seems like nothing in life is fair.  Divorce and other settlements will not favour you and anything that involves a contract or paperwork will get complicated and confused.

Other times when Justice is reversed, this Tarot card can indicate that a marriage may be dissolved.  If this is the case, it could be a very amicable split.  There are no hard feelings or troubles arriving at terms - it is just a case that both parties realize that they have grown apart.  

Meaning of each Tarot Card Keyword:  universal balance, justice, decisions in legal issues, resoultion in disputes, reconciliation, professional advice needed, fair minded logical person, time for decision making, decisions in your favour, imbalance, injustice, slow delays, settlements not in you favour, separation, divorce

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