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Major Arcana:The Devil

The Devil is another card in the Tarot deck that is often misinterpreted.   The imagery in this Tarot card picture is based on the pagan god Pan, long connected to fertility, enjoyment, wine and music (the original party animal).

The symbol on this card is representative of earthly pleasures and temptations.  Money, sex, power and pleasure have their place in our lives and only if we lose balance and perspective do they become a lesser influence.

Upright: If the Devil appears in a Tarot spread, there is no need to worry or think it is a bad omen.  The Devil usual appears at a time in your life where the material world is more important to you.  There is nothing wrong with money and the security it provides.  You may be entering a time in your life where you are spending money on beautiful clothes, fine dinners, luxurious furnishings - and enjoying every minute of it!  As long as you keep things in perspective, there is no harm in this.

The Devil can warn against trying to use money or power in relationships, platonic or romantic.  It can also be that you are substituting material pleasures to make up for what is missing emotionally in your life.  

If you are involved in a new relationship, there may be more lust than love involved.  It can be intoxicating but be certain you are aware what you are getting into. You may learn new things about yourself but could be disappointed if you think this will be a permanent thing.

Reversed:  When the Devil is reversed, this Tarot card is telling you that your attitudes towards money, power or sex are likely unbalanced.  You are absolutely absorbed by the material world and may be stuck in a greedy and self-absorbed mindset.  At the same, it is hard for you to let go of this need for more and you may feel trapped and depressed.

Relationships at this time can be equally unbalanced, usually with one partner calling all the shots.  In spite of issues, there may be an element of bondage in this relationship that makes it hard to leave.  It might be illogical to everyone around you but many people do stupid things in the name of love. 

Sometimes the Devil reversed can refer to people exploring uncharted sexual waters, particularly those that are a little (or more than a little) kinky.  With the right partner, some erotic fantasies may become reality.

Your desire to get more things may have caused you to work too much and now you are facing physical and emotional exhaustion.  

Meaning of Tarot Card Keywords:  money, power, sex, possessions, material security, lust, imbalanced relationships, abuse of material items, exhaustion, depression, obsession, controlled in a relationship, sexual kink.  

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