Psycards Free Automated Tarot Card Readings

I wanted to like the Psycards free automated tarot card readings.  I really did.  I went to the site with high hopes, lured by some bright cards with crisp and engaging illustrations.  I browse around and read through some of the tarot card meanings and was impressed - here was a new oracle deck that someone had spent a lot of time and energy on.

And then I had a tarot card reading.  I experienced both the one and the five cards readings, tried them a couple of times.  

Here's the positive:  these are lovely cards.  Not tarot cards but more of an archetype deck, many of the symbols and characters present in the Tarot are here too.  The Psycards feature lovely imagery, vibrant colour and are paired with some evocative tarot card meanings.

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The negative:  their free automated tarot card readings just aren't very good.  They are so brief and vague as to be fairly useless which given the potential of the Psycards, is a huge disappointment.

I was convinced that there must have been a browser glitch so I tried the site in Firefox, IE and Chrome and had the same results in each.  There is more information given about the placement of each card in the five card reading than in giving any sort of tarot card definition.  

The one card reading could have made up for the dismal five card readings but it was more of the same.  Why, if you have such luscious and thought provoking meanings would you condense it down to something that could have come from a poorly written fortune cookie? Another question for the ages, I guess.

Don't get me wrong - Psycards look like a great oracle deck and something that I'm considering picking up for myself.  And certainly, try their free automated tarot card readings out.  But don't say I didn't warn you!

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