Queen of Swords

To gain a more complete understanding of the Queen of Swords, an overview of the suit and symbol is provided first.

Overview of the Swords

Aliases: In English, this is the most common.

Element: Air

Zodiac: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Playing Card Suit: Spades

Class:  Nobility/Militia

Rules: The Mind or Will

The Swords control the mind or will. When Miss L refer to these qualities, it means that the meaning of each Tarot card in this suit can focus on intellectual questions or issues related to power.

If you want to see all of the Tarot cards in the Swords suit, go to The Swords.

The Swords is the Tarot suit that most people are uncomfortable with. Often connected to negative meanings, the Swords have been given a bad rap.

It's true when you're first learning the meaning of each Tarot card this suit, it seems more than an average number of Tarot cards are dark and brooding.

Just like a physical sword, the Swords have two edges. On the one hand, their energy can be destructive and hard to swallow - especially when it's your life that's being affected.

On the other side, they clear out the junk! Usually, they affect the clutter in your mental attics - the stuff you're not ready to get rid of but don't want to deal with either. 

When the Swords appear, they are using their strengths of courage, ideas and power to tell you it is time.

Deal with it and move on!

If you're just learning to read Tarot cards, remember that the position in the Tarot layout as well as the nearby Tarot cards should to guide you (in addition to the meanings for the Tarot cards).

Work from the heart, listen to your gut and develop your intuition.

Don't fear the Swords. Like any medicine, working up the courage to open your mouth and swallow takes longer than it does for the bad taste to fade after.

Synopsis of the Queen

The Queen is the essential feminine symbol in the Tarot deck but like the King, can refer to persons of any gender.  The Queen is a complement to the King and indeed, represents strength and control in its symbolism as much as the King does.

With Queen, we are reminded of how the essence of life is ongoing in a never-ending cycle of birth and death.  There is a constant ebb and flow of all energy and the Queen seems to have her finger on the pulse of it

The Queen is every mother, the mother we all are as well as our own mother.  She suggests that throughout life, we are in a constant process of rebirthing and recreating ourselves.

Queen reminds us that while other people may have given us our start in life, we bear the responsibility for who we choose to be, regardless of our birth and early life.

Embody the Queen and provide yourself with whatever you require to nurture and thrive.

Upright Tarot Card Meaning:    

The Queen of Swords is the most independent of the queens, able to care for and defend herself. Whether she has a companion or lives alone, she is happy and content.

Living alone for the Queen of Swords means a life without bonds and a lot of freedom, both of which are very important to her. While she is free with her ideas, she tends to be secretive and mysterious and dislikes being like everyone else.

Emotionally, she holds her cards close to her chest; she may seem hard-hearted but those who know the Queen best can vouch for her warm feelings.

She can be exceptional loyal - that is the polite way of saying stubborn - when she has committed to an idea or action.

Her mind is as sharp as a razor, and she has an unending thirst to learn.

She doesn't quite fit with conventional society and hasn't yet learned to look at versus through people.

Reversed Tarot Card Meaning:

The Queen of Swords reversed can get caught up in her thoughts to much and forget her heart completely. Acting only from logic, she becomes cold and distant.

She can also be cruel when she feels provoked and spares no mercy in her verbal attacks. Reversed, the Queen of Swords abandons any pretense of politeness and tells you exactly what she thinks. It isn't pretty!

Her steadfastness will reach new levels and she will willingly cut off her nose to spite her face.

Her stubbornness will continue at disadvantage to herself and everyone around her.

Critical beyond sense or reason, she is displeased by everything around her and will stand in judgment.

Tarot Card Keywords:

freedom, sharp mind, sense of wit, sarcastic, hard, loyal, reserved feeling, caring, love of learning, motivated by logic,divorced from feeling, spiteful, critical, cold, distant, stubborn.

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