Free Online Tarot Card Readings

If you've gotten a free online tarot card reading, it most likely wasn't really free or if it was free, it wasn't done by a live person.  An absolutely free tarot card reading is pretty rare.  Guess what?

I've found some.

Not a lot.

But like with the free automated tarot card readings page, this is a list of sites I visited for a free tarot card reading and what I found.  There were some great readings that were done by live people and others that were very obviously computer generated.  Read through and try them out for yourself!

The Free Tarot Network is an Internet gem and is staffed by generous volunteers who deliver exactly what they promise: an absolutely free tarot card reading.  To read the full review, visit the Free Tarot Network's free online tarot card reading page

Sun Moon Tarot is run by a Tarot card reader and psychic Mr Kenn, who offers free, live Tarot card readings.  Or does he?  For the full review of this site, visit the Sun Moon Tarot site review here.

The Free Tarot Network doesn't rest on their laurels with their excellent free one card tarot readings. They also offer some free three card tarot readings that are as bodacious and jam-packed with crystal clear insight as their one card offerings.  To see the full review, including tips of the best time to go to the site, visit the  Free Tarot Network free three card tarot reading page.

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