Full Moon Dreams: Free Automated Tarot Card Readings

I wanted more options with the Full Moon Dreams' free automated tarot card readings.  

I wanted more until I took what was offered.  

Then everything was okay.

This is not meant in a glib fashion.  

There is only one deck to choose from, the very luscious Full Moon Dreams tarot card deck and only one spread, the One Card draw

Sounds boring, right?  Nothing could be further from the truth!

Inspiring, zen, evocative, witty, gentle - all of these and more, yes.  Boring - never! The Full Moon Dreams tarot card reading is like a visit with an old friend or trusted advisor.  

After getting a profound little snip of guidance, it is the release of a long-held breath or when normally taunt shoulders relax.  

It is a soft embrace tempered with steely resolve and an admonishment to pay attention.  

Use the one card to meditate upon, refocus your day or gain a nugget of insight to a perplexing issue, big or small.  

The Full Moon Dreams' free automated tarot card readings are mighty wallops of wisdom in a perfect little package.

Beautiful to look at and fascinating to read, every one of the sample tarot spreads had valuable information about the issues I was consulting on.  

Definitely a gem in the world of online oracles.   Bookmark it to admire the images and elucidate your life over and over again!

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